Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Special Build is a leading provider of custom sheet metal fabrication services for various clients in Australia. We take pride in nurturing our success for three decades through our customer-oriented decisions and products, thus providing our clients, old and new alike, with top-notch design and installation services.

Corten Weathering Steel

Discover our advanced Corten Weathering Steel Fabrication capabilities, including bending, folding, and laser processing up to 9000 mm. Explore how our expertise can enhance your projects with durable and aesthetic solutions.

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Public Sculptures & Art

With unbounded creativity and finesse we produce breathtakingly beautiful objects from a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel, weather resistant Corten steel, mild steel, aluminium, moulded plastic, glass, timber and luxurious fabrics.

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Residential & Commercial Projects

SpecialBuild are the experts in designing, manufacturing and installing beautifully engineered and intricately detailed bespoke products for residential and commercial applications.

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Metal Processing

SpecialBuild has the skills and hi-tech machinery to take on any project from small bespoke products to steel gates and architectural structures to ship’s compartments, railway carriages and off shore rig platforms.

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3D Scanning

We have more than a decade of experience and features the world-best laser scanning technology to capture the detailed ‘cloud of points’.

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Outdoor Metal Art

We create outdoor metal art projects that are appealing, functional, and affordable, We integrate visual statements into your outdoor artwork.

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Why Choose Us?

Investing in stock sheet metal forms can be time-consuming, especially when they have to fit our required measurements and overall concept. Of course, as business owners, we always want to stand out by having the unique appearance of the metal products we utilise for our industrial and commercial projects.

Custom Sheet metal fabricationPlus, not having the assurance of getting high-quality and consumer-focused materials can be costly, despite the promise of having a cheap price range, since there is a tendency that you have to purchase again.

Investing in custom sheet metal fabrication will guarantee you a cost-effective and long-term investment since you are assured of quality-based materials, unlike the prefabricated ones.

With Special Build offering custom sheet metal fabrication services, we assure you that we will far exceed your expectations. We invest significantly in making our client’s design specifications come to life, paired with precision and accuracy.

So, if you are seeking top-quality metal products with exceptional designs tailored to your project requirements, Special Build has got you covered. Our custom sheet metal fabrication is made excellent through our high-tech and state-of-the-art facility, only reserved to cater to our clients’ simple-to-complex project requirements.

Excellent work background

We are a metal shop with extensive work experience in the metal engineering industry. We have serviced various Australian clients for three decades, and within those years, we have been able to leave long-lasting impressions on our valued customers.

Diverse customers

From architects, designers, government agencies, and the general public, we ensure that small and huge projects are catered accurately according to each client’s project requirements. As a trusted partner, we know how vital time is for your project proceedings; that is why we make sure that our team of master craftsmen will cater to your needs of customised metal products intended for interior and exterior applications.

Capable of doing several structural projects

Special Build offers a wide range of services on custom sheet metal fabrication. Our diverse portfolio consists of the following: feature walls, building facades, handrails, chandeliers, urban sculptures, signage, gates, and ducting.

We guarantee that we are experts who aim to precisely customise metal products that best fit your intended project purposes, taking your outlined designs to the next level—nothing else.

Varied range of materials and world-best tools

Special Build does not only offer top-quality services. To further extend our finesse in manufacturing metal products, we rely on using a range of materials: ferrous, non-ferrous, and exotic metals, moulded plastics, glass, and timber, stainless steel, weather-resistant corten steel, mild steel, aluminium, and luxurious fabrics.

Our manufacturing processes are made more reliable and quicker through our high-quality source of tools, from 3D laser scanning, laser cutting, water jet cutting, multi-axis machining centres, and metal folding, bending, and forming.

With the range of our tools and metal products, we make sure that we deliver superb production based on the creative concepts and designs you proposed as part of your project requirements.

Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Metal Fabrication in Sydney

Using custom sheet metal fabrication will ensure your product’s durability and longevity. So, if you are looking for the best company catering to make sure that your specialised designs are created precisely without any issues of delayed turnaround time, Special Build is the perfect place for you. You can connect with us any time of the day for your custom sheet metal fabrication needs.

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