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Are you in need of qualified fabricators for your curved outdoor bench and other types of outdoor furniture? You’re in luck because Special Build is here to help.

Special Build is a Sydney-based leading manufacturer and supplier of fabricated metal products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

With our extensive and excellent background in the industry, we have become your one-stop shop for any type of metal parts needed to create, develop, and install your curved outdoor bench.

Our facility is located in New South Wales, but we service clients across Australia. Feel free to contact us for your outdoor furniture needs today! Our highly trained and crafty team will bring your outdoor project concept to reality.

Curved Outdoor Bench

Trusted Craftsmen for Your Outdoor Projects

For decades, Special Build has been on a mission to deliver quality products and results to our various clients. From simple outdoor park benches and intricately-decorated garden bench seats to bold and robust metal bus stop seats, we can design, curve, produce, and install any bench piece to perfection, regardless of its length, size, and thickness.

If you need curved benches, Special Build has the services you need. These include material selection, designing and finalising the bench type, specifying the features to incorporate, redesigning current bench seats, and installing custom-made outdoor seating spaces.

We also understand how complex it is to aim for perfection when you don’t have the right people to assist you. This is why we employ and train our craftsmen to be skilled enough in partnering with our customers to produce results that match their plans.

We have served architects, government establishments, and multiple industrial agencies and successfully collaborated on simple and complex projects that require advanced engineering tools and knowledge. Our materials are of top quality, emphasising beauty and functionality. We can cater to your needs with our wide array of hi-tech machinery, unique curved outdoor bench and our large award-winning facility.

So, count on us to create perfection from our durable and stylish products. We can handle your outdoor project needs here at Special Build. We plan and deliver unparalleled results quickly.

Limitless choices for your curved outdoor seats

Part of our mission in delivering quality products is to help you choose the product’s design, colour, material, and size. This will enable you to complement the location and ambience of your bench project. We can suggest (and build) the following:

  • Steel bench with armrests
  • Two-seater or six-seater simple black metal bench
  • Patio lounge metal chairs
  • Outdoor park benches
  • Garden chairs
  • Barstools
  • Picnic benches

If you don’t find the product type you want to build, feel free to contact our warm and skilled staff right away. We can customise any outdoor metal seats with our impressive and growing range of bench seat options! Trust our limitless imagination to deliver first-rate results for your satisfaction.

Sturdy and top-quality materials

Your bench selections will have bespoke designs thanks to our cast iron, aluminium, and steel products. And we are confident that your outdoor seats can endure the harsh climate and resist rust, maintaining their enduring beauty for a long time.

We can cut, fold, bend, and shape a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials with up to 25mm thickness. These include:

  • Timber
  • Stainless steel
  • Corrosive-resistant corten steel
  • Mild steel
  • Luxurious fabrics
  • Exotic materials

Do you need curved outdoor bench for parks, stadiums, gardens, and decorative elements for your industrial projects? Find your qualified metal fabrication experts only at Special Build.

Other outdoor metal projects

Should you need our help with other outdoor metal art projects, we also offer you our metal fabrication services for building and installing the following:

  • Fire pits
  • Feature walls
  • Shelters
  • Urban sculptures
  • Gates
  • Privacy screens and others

Special Build is dedicated to completing beautifully engineered projects using high-quality metal products, no matter the thickness, length, or amount of work required.

Partnering with You in Every Step of Your Outdoor Furniture Project

Classy, comfortable, elegant, striking, and modern design? We can capture your desired visual statements with our boundless creativity paired with our competent skills in wielding the needed steel products.

To help you decide, we can also provide professional advice. We do this so you can create outdoor furniture that meets your needs and the community standards. From the initial planning to project handover, Special Build will be there to assist you.

Our in-house programming experts can design solutions for you through leading-edge technology that delivers seamless and exceptional results.

We dedicate our expertise to fabricating durable metals for your curved outdoor bench projects. Contact us today for a quote request.

Outdoor Park Benches
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