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Heavy-duty bus shelters fit for Australian conditions

Are you looking for a metal shop specialising in bus shelter installation services in Sydney? Special Build can cater to your bus shelter requirements, irrespective of the size, length, amount of work involved and materials needed.

We are a leading provider of metal products for customised bus shelters and other outdoor furniture in Sydney. We create customised bus shelter designs to improve and complement any public space and surrounding infrastructure.

With Special Build, every installation method is built on trust, expertise, accuracy, and professionalism. Call us now, and let’s get started with your installation plans.

Bus shelter installation

The importance of bus shelters

Bus shelters are everywhere, and they serve a variety of purposes. They provide a safe area for passengers to wait for bus transits. Additionally, they provide shade so bus riders can wait for the upcoming vehicles. Moreover, businesses can use bus shelter signage to establish their branding by posting advertisements.

Quality bus shelters made by experts

Businesses, architects, builders, and agencies must ensure sturdy bus shelters to provide comfort for passengers and protect them from harsh weather conditions. For all this, Special Build has got you covered.

We have trusted metal designers and manufacturers that will give you a premium, customised bus shelter installation service. Our trained and expert metal specialists have the proper cutting, drilling, folding, and bending training and tools necessary to complete the project.

Every bus shelter project we handle uses quality and location-appropriate materials, such as zinc-coated steel, stainless steel, high-grade aluminium, etc.

Why work with us

Looking for a trusted metal shop can be tricky since you want to prevent early damage and accidents due to poor material choice and incompetent installers. Special Build has been supplying, manufacturing, remodelling, and installing a wide range of outdoor metal structures, including outdoor seating spaces and bus shelters.

Our manufacturing and design teams continually improve our service to avoid costly mistakes, such as extra charges for hiring additional contractors and installers. We also provide you with innovative bus shelter installation solutions at competitive prices.

All you have to do is define your plan, finalise your design, and present your requirements to us so that our expert designers can create a draft. At the same time, our fabricators process the required materials.

Once the concept translation and project design are completed, we’ll proceed with the necessary work. You won’t even encounter major delays because we deliver on time without any hitch! At Special Build, we strive to meet our clients’ needs on time, at a high level of quality.

Designing, manufacturing, and installing

We don’t limit our services to supplying and installing high-quality materials. We can translate any design with any installation project, from the simplest to the most elaborate ideas for your bus shelters.

We can quickly outline your plans with the right machinery and skilled people. Our goal is to maintain our reputation as a leading provider of metalwork services in Sydney and its surrounding areas.

These are some of the bus shelter installations you may need assistance with:

  • Urban bus shelter
  • Walkway shelter
  • Transit bus shelter
  • Suburban bus shelter
  • Metro bus shelter
  • Modular bus shelter
  • Grandstand bus shelter

Durable and Rust-Resistant Shelters

The bus shelter’s design will have unique features, but most of them have the following:

  • Pitched roof to prevent the collection of rainwater, debris, or snow
  • Sturdy seats and leaning rails
  • Properly positioned signage that will not block the passenger’s view from oncoming transit
  • Inset panels and structural members for durability
  • Aluminium-made products to resist rusting
  • Durable powder coating to match your colour scheme

Our designs are not only stunning, but they also meet the design standards for public spaces.

On top of our bus shelter installation services, we can also help you create clear and robust bus shelter signage for ad posters, maps, and route information. We also offer refurbishment services for bus shelters to maintain their striking appearance and keep them functional as shade and rest areas for passengers.

Get Your Bus Shelters Installed by Special Build

Whether you’re a commercial entity or a government agency, you can rely on Special Build to provide a comfortable resting area. With us working on your bus shelter installation needs, you can rest easy knowing your needs will be well met.

Should you require other metal fabrication and installation services, find out more about Special Build’s services here.

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