Town Lights Public Artwork – North Ryde Lachlan Line

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SpecialBuild was able to work Landcom in the completion of the North Ryde Lachlan’s Line Town Lights public artwork. Here’s what the Development Director had to say about the collaboration.

“We gave you a bold reference design to construct a 12m light sculpture/placemaking marker. As with all great and complex ‘one off’s, we came to realise that the design had very challenging buildability issues. You and your experienced team of engineers and fabricators did a terrific job resolving and coordinating the LED lighting, electronic remote controller unit and metal fabrication, to deliver a coordinated and highly functional product delivered of superior quality.”

“Due in large part to your design development input, the artwork has stayed true to the artist’s original intent and our budget. Town Lights is ultimately more durable and safer in its design, easier to maintain and operate in a functional sense.”

“I believe your high-tech machinery offers something uniquely different to developers, architects, artists and designers of all types, this is a service that cannot be found easily. We look forward to collaborating again.”

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